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Information Disclosure Processes

The way a company discloses information is the method by which it informs its customers, investors, and other stakeholders of important information. This article will provide a guideline on how companies can effectively disclose information to ensure transparency and build confidence with those who they conduct business.

Research on disclosure processes and the modulating factors that affect their effects have been conducted primarily in relation to human-tohuman interactions. However, with the rise of chatbots, which mimic human conversation through textual interfaces researchers have begun to look into whether and how humans divulge information to bots. The results of these studies are mixed, however in general the majority of people are willing to divulge the same kinds of information to chatbots that they would do to a human (Ho and others. 2019, 2019).

The perceived the sensitivity of information is a aspect that is believed to have a significant effect on this. In a number of studies, data types were classified based on perceived sensitivity. Secure identifiers such as passwords and financial account number were deemed to be the most sensitive. Participants in these studies also assessed personal “preferences” like political or religious affiliations best site and medical histories as being extremely sensitive.

When applying for patents it is crucial to remember that all information disclosure statements that meet the format requirements of 37 CFR 1.98 and are filed within three months of the date of filing will be reviewed by the examiner. This is regardless of what happened in the examination up to this point, including any violations of the rules on information disclosure.


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